Unleash your passion with the #besomebody app



There’s a little app created in Austin, Texas that is changing the way people live. It’s allowing people to take their passions and make friends and money doing it. The #besomebody app is all about taking what your passionate about and making a life out of it!

The app helps you connect or “spark” with people in your area and share your passion. Passions ranging from photography, hiking, biking, yoga and more. Share your work on the app and let people see what you do. If you want to learn more about other people’s passion you can learn from a #besomebody passionary. It’s simple you find an experience, show up and learn first hand a new experience. All passionary’s are background checked through the app.

Take it one step further and become a #besomebody passionary and start making money teaching people what your passionate about. You can create an experience and invite people to join you and learn some new stuff. The best part is you decide where it is, how much it is and all of it is done through the app.

Download the app now and book your first experience free with the code “ULTRA”

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