Do you already know how to code, and why you should build on it.



Why do you want to learn how to code?

  1. Earn extra cash building websites in your spare time.
  2. Be a step ahead in the job market.
  3. It’s a huge resume boost.
  4. Make your own app and website.
  5. Never stop learning, always grow.

As a recent college graduate looking for jobs and figuring out what I need besides 10+ years of experience, I notice a lot of jobs calling for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. I know it sounds miserable and then you ask yourself “why did I not go to school for this?” The good news is most of us have used code sometime in our lives without really realizing it.

Think of the days when you sat at your computer and spent hours on your xanga page, yes xanga, you were actually using a lot of code. It was basic but it was something you could figure out pretty easily. You were building a website and those skills are very valuable in today’s quickly growing tech world.


The internet and apps have become a vital part of the personal and business world. The best part of coding is you can learn to code for free and it’s easy. Get Started with some of these options below.



“Education is broken. Come help us build the education the world deserves.” – CodeAcademy

One of the easiest ways to learn how to code. With options on what you want to learn it gives you the power. Learn specific skills like building a website, interactive websites, and more. You can take a course on HTML/CSS or JavaScript. A course can be finished in an hour but take your time and learn what you need. The best part is it’s free to learn these skills!

Code School 

Free to try, $29 a month or team pricing. 

Code School is a great way to start coding. It also has a mobile app so you can learn and keep up with your skills on the go. Get social with it and get a group of friend together and make a team. You can track each other’s progress or you could use it as an employer to get your employees up to speed on new technologies. Check out videos to get some more help on learning your new skill.


Free to try, $29 a month/ $49 a month 

Treehouse is fun and very social with forums. Learn to code and ask questions on forums to create relationships with new people. Choose a track on a specific skill, choose a project or choose the topic you need to learn. Check out videos to help you out on the new journey.

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