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I wish I had one dollar for every time I witnessed someone making some elaborate plan on how to achieve success. I also wish I had another dollar for every time I noticed somebody making a plan to do something. I just wish I had a dollar anytime somebody was planning more than taking action, because then I would be super rich and could have more time to write this guest blog for you loyal readers out there.

I wanted to give my take on action planning over just taking action. Recently we were going to hire a sales person in our office. We had him go through typical training by shadowing a fellow team member and I overheard their conversation one day. The potential new employee was making elaborate plans on how to prospect people, new ideas of calling and ways to plan for the most “effective” outcome. I’m not saying planning is wrong, but when planning impedes your ability to take action, we have a huge problem. To say the least, he doesn’t work at Grand Apps. (Grand Apps)

It is actually a huge pet peeve of mine when people think they need to write some huge drawn out detailed roadmap on how they will get to somewhere. Do you think the pioneers had a detailed roadmap? No. They didn’t. They had a goal and idea of where they wanted to go and took massive action. They might have planned out basics like supplies for their journey, but that’s it. Too many times people are stopped in their tracks because they keep planning and planning and after years pass they never even start. I wanted to give you some reasons why you should typically take action before planning.


Momentum is real my friends. Think about a huge snowball on top of a hill. When you start pushing, you’re creating momentum. When gravity takes over and it begins to roll, watch out! It is very, very hard to stop this huge snowball hurling towards the bottom due to a huge momentum that built up from your small starting efforts.

The same rule applies in the business world, or what I like to say the Hustle World. When you get some great idea about starting a business, you start to get a sense of momentum. Some little thing in your brain is pushing you down the hill saying “start it or you can do it”. But before your idea falls down the hill with huge momentum you stop it by “planning”. You sit there and think of every single thing that could happen or might happen. To be honest, who cares? You are literally stopping the idea snowball from falling down the hill by planning for weeks, for months, for years.

When people keep doing this planning they lose all momentum and their idea is dead in it’s tracks. The snowball never falls and you’re left unsuccessful because you never even started. Listen, I have been a part of a few startups in my early career as an entrepreneur and all I can say is that momentum of taking action is real. Soon as you stop planning (everything for months on end) and just start taking action, you’ll see WAY more success.

No Clue

I also think part of the reason people plan so much is because they simply don’t have a clue where to start. When you start a business there is so much to do. You need to set up your paper work, you need to build a website, you must set up emails, don’t forget to buy a coffee machine and by the way, do you have a logo? This can get overwhelming for anyone including me.

When young entrepreneurs look at a long laundry list like this, they get fearful and never start. They think that because they don’t know where to start then they must plan some more. Let’s plan on the plan. Stop worrying about not knowing how to do something and start trying. Just take action.

What You’re Taught

Another part of the planning way too long stage is probably because some professor at some business school you attended told you that you needed some complex, one hundred page long business plan. Would you say I’m right? I know I am. I have had the same professors preach on writing a huge business plan before we start a business so we can see almost everything before it happens to ultimately help us reach success faster. I say don’t do that. I say skip that part.

What you need to do is write down a goal. Write down some basics. Write down something so basic it can fit on a few pages of paper, then execute these things. As you knock these items off your list and hit the goals, keep going. Before you know it, you will have that long business plan overtime. Just don’t get worried about doing it first. You will become paralyzed because you think that some godly figure will strike your business down before you even start if you don’t begin with the “business plan”.

How Do I Know?

I know all of this is true because I have lived this the last five years. I have helped scale a company from a basement of two people into the city’s largest company in the market with an office downtown that now has over ten employees. I did this in under three years.

I never started with a business plan. I didn’t over plan. I simply started taking action and tried to get that snowball starting to roll down the hill as fast as I possibly could. I’m not saying not to plan because that is foolish. The main takeaway message here is to not let planning stop you from taking action. I would rather see someone NOT plan and take action then plan and NOT take action. Action will win over all.

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T-Mobile changes the way we see mobile plans, again.

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T-Mobile in the past 3 years has been revolutionizing the way we see cell phone plans. They were one of the first to introduce plans without contracts. They also allow you to stream music without it going against your daily data limit.

Today T-Mobile made headlines by pushing the boundaries a bit more with their Binge On plan.  Customers no longer have to worry about streaming video, because it doesn’t go against your data. You do have to be in the higher tier of Data plans over 3gb a month to take part in the service, but let the Netflix and chill happen even without a tv.

giphy (1)

Competitors like AT&T and Verizon have stopped offering unlimited data plans which makes it hard to stream music and video when you want. Sprint and other mobile carriers always throttle their data, which makes it pretty much useless. The plan will work with services such as Netflix, HBO Now, Sling TV, Showtime, ESPN and Hulu.

According to data earlier this year put T-Mobile on top for Download speed and tech support. T-Mobile promises DVD like quality, let’s hope they can deliver and be a cutting edge mobile carrier.

Is it finally time to buy a wearable?

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What can you wear with anything and always keep it classy, a watch. The watch is an iconic piece that stands out and gives you a touch of style. Now with wearables the watch has evolved into a piece that holds daily information besides time.

 After a couple of years of some innovation there’s finally some wearable pieces that will make any look stand out. 

1. The recently announced Fossil Q wearable line 


Fossil is making sure design comes first with this line of wearables. The best part all of the Fossil Q wearables support both iOS and Android.

Let’s start with the upcoming Q Founder 

The most expensive on the list but with a price of $275 you’re getting an awesome smart watch. It will run on AndroidWear and work side and side with the Fossil Q app which is available on Andorid and iOS. It will have 2 options including a leather wrist and a metal band.

Q Grant 

This is an awesome addition to the wearable game. If you love the analog watch look you can still have some functionality of a wearable in a classic fossil package.

Receive filtered notifications from your favorite contacts and track everything from steps to calories all while completing weekly curiosity challenges.

The Q Revealer/Dreamer 

Fossil takes you back to a very basic activity track but brings it in a classic Fossil look. With the genuine leather and the Fossil accents it could be a nice little addition to your wrist.

2. The Moto 360 

This is the watch that had some iOS users wanting to switch to Android. It was the first smartwatch to bring the round look to wearables and now it’s on the second generation.


Starting at $299 the Moto 360 is a full-fledged android smartwatch. The 360 has features such as a customizable face, ambient light sensor, access to apps from Google Play, and the ability to listen to music wirelessly without your phone.

3. The Apple Watch 


The apple watch is most popular with iOS users because of the streamlined workflow to your iPhone. Unfortunately, it’s one of the priciest out there and the more expensive models are the ones for the design conscious.

Prices start at $349 for the AppleWatch Sport and up to $12,000 for the AppleWatch Edition.

The Apple watch does support Siri, notifications, ApplePay, activity tracking, and use of iOS apps.

4. LG Urbane 2 

LG took it to the next level with a smartwatch that has 4g LTE built-in. You get all that AndroidWear has to offer without having to be attached to your phone. The watch costs $300 but you can split it into monthly payments with AT&T.


Oh and also is one of the most stylish pieces out there. The watch is available in 2 colors gold, and silver (and it looks good). Compatible with Android™ 4.3 or higher and iOS 8.2 and later (with limited functionality).

With the updated looks, affordability and features maybe it’s time to consider investing in a wearable.

Why I’m glad I’m a “Millennial”

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Millennials are generally perceived as privileged, lazy, self absorbed and entitled….

It’s time to get this straight. 

It’s time to lay out on the table why millennials are the way we are. It’s because we’re tired of a world where people are working jobs they don’t like, ending up marrying people because “it’s the right thing to do.” We’re tired of people hating their lives because they’re afraid of their own dreams and aspirations.

We’re in a world now with the highest divorce rate (it’s estimated that 40-50% of first marriages will end in divorce.) Over 70% of people don’t like their current jobs, and more than 3.3 million americans suffer from persistent depression.

As a Millennial we can’t sit still. We are always learning and constantly evolving to keep up with trends in the workplace and life. Not all of us are lazy, of course some of us are, but that’s in any generation. We’re not looking for handouts.. we’re looking for a way to be happy with our lives.

You see life is different now. We are living in a time where ideas are thriving thanks to social media, the internet and hard work. Someone can create an empire from a single thought and this generation loves to help people achieve their ultimate goals. We want to see people happy, not settling.

Life is meant to be lived, maybe you should live it with us?