Price Is A Myth

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Have you ever heard somebody say (or said yourself) something is either overpriced or affordable? We can all understand or relate to these terms based upon our own previous experiences. I have been thinking about this lately because it relates to my business, mainly my sales team. I also speak with many other business owners and often price comes up about their services or ours. The reason it relates to my business is because some sales reps will diminish price in seconds, reducing price with “special offers” to clients immediately after they show sticker shock. This can be a problem as it could reduce value of your product overtime. It can also reduce your sales teams confidence and your bottom line.

We now have a problem to solve. We must come up with a way to not deter from our offerings to the marketplace. But, how do we do this?

Price definition: 


  1. 1.decide the amount required as payment for (something offered for sale).


  1. 1.the amount of money expected, required, or given in payment for something.

So basically price is an amount of payment for something offered in exchange. Basically price is a man made transaction happening every single second of every single day. In today’s economy, usually the payment is in terms of dollars. The dollars we use for purchasing are only valuable because we the consumers value it. Do you think most Americans know it is not backed by gold or is only “valuable” because we think it is? Most consumers really believe the dollar is worth a dollar.

Myth definition: 


  1. a widely held but false belief or idea.

Money could be considered a myth and so can price, because in these terms we are talking about money being used for payment of a price. I understand, this is stretching the idea, but I really wanted to open your eyes and make you think. We must all realize that the dollar and price is made up and can be altered or controlled at any time if we choose too.

So how do we stick to our price & sell for more? 

This is simple. Anytime value increases, price does too. The first step to selling for more is to find the customers values. Do they value time, money, freedom or something more? Sales teams often focus on features and benefits, when in reality they are hearing their bosses voice talking about value in the background. Selling the features and benefits comes easy because it’s easy to talk about. It is something you’re doing every single day. Every customer is different in terms of what they value, so this sale will be harder & take more time. But if you understand and get this, you will see a higher close rate.

It seems too simple, I know. You are probably thinking…there has to be more. I am a firm believer in simplicity. So I like to keep this concept simple too. Just find out what they value and show how your services / products benefit their values. Do this and you will succeed!

Actionable Tips

– Make your meetings investigative. Ask many questions & take tons of notes.

– Ask them bluntly, “what do you value? Is it time, money, family?”

– Keep It Simple (remember that old sales saying?)

If you use these every single day in every single meeting, you will see a higher close rate. If you are doing this already, then try to find a way to make it more efficient.

In the comments below, tell me some of the ways you seek value & pitch to customers.

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Chris Ake

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Podcasts to keep up your Hustle

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The on-demand market for podcasts is continuing to grow and there’s an obvious reason why, there’s impactful free content. Content is king when it comes podcasts and there is a lot of great content out there. Since 2008 podcast listenership has nearly doubled from 9% to 17% according to

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.53.29 AM

So why listen to podcasts? 

There are plenty of startup founders, money experts, and people in your boat. People who are hustling everyday to make their dream a reality. Some people say podcasts are old news, but with the resurgence of insightful information and great content, podcasts are the secret weapons you should be listening to.

StartUP Podcast 

Let’s start with one of the most interesting podcasts you’ll listen to hosted by Alex Blumberg. Blumberg comes from the world of public radio with as former co-host of Planet Money and former producer of This American Life. The StartUP podcast puts you in the passenger seat with Alex as he hustles to start his newest venture, Gimlet Media. The podcast is exciting, crazy, honest, and of course nerve wracking. You get to hear Alex talk to investors, put time into his idea and struggle to make his idea come to life. Gimlet Media, which is a podcasting network now has 4 shows that are all exciting, weird and just the right amount of crazy.

Hustle Culture

Hosted by Carlos Gil and Tayo Rockson, the Hustle Culture puts together success stories from entrepreneurs and how to use Social Media to gain your ultimate goal. Both of these guys give you information that pushes you to keep on track with your goals.

Check them out on twitter for more insightful information

Ted Radio Hour 

Why Ted? You’re always going to learn something and usually in a very interesting way. While your commuting cut the music and learn some new things.


Keep up with the global economy in a real and interesting podcast. Talks about the economy and money can be draining, but Planet Money changes that. You will always be entertained and in tune with great content.

Startup Life Hacks

Learn from people who started their own business and learn from some of their mistakes. This podcast keeps it real and is filled with great content.

Starting My First (Successful) Business

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Starting My First (Successful) Business

Did you notice how the title has successful in parenthesis? This was not a mistake but deliberately placed there because I am about to share with you my first successful venture. Like most entrepreneurs, I have many ideas that never launch or gain little momentum without ever really taking off. My first successful company, Grand Apps, was the first company I helped launch and scale over five years. We grew from $14,000 in sales the first year to over $1 million in sales during this short time.

(Note, I’m not bragging…but I had to give you reason why I can give you valued advice here) I hope my story is found inspiring to help other like-minded people grab some of their very own success.

My name is Chris Ake and I am one of four partners at Grand Apps.

We build mobile apps for businesses and also offer web design and social media marketing. I helped launch this company during my very last semester during university. I was going to school full time, finishing my degree, working 30+hours on the weekend and trying to start this company in my “free time”. I graduated and decided that I was willing to take a risk to start something from nothing instead of taking that tempting reward of what some people call a “job” or career. I turned down many offers and kept my focus on Grand Apps.

It was not easy my friends, seriously. I was still working those 30 hours on the weekend only making $250 per week. This was in 2011, so we are talking very recently. $250 per week gets you nothing. I was so broke I was behind every week and asking friends and family to float me rent money or food money. I remember I had no money for three days for food and had to scrape my car floor for quarters so I could get some fast food. Bottom line was I was struggling every single day and trying to remain positive that my idea would work. On a side note, I had no experience running a company because I have only had ideas before and never fully executed. Many entrepreneurs go through this stage and you often ask yourself if it’s even worth it. Trust me, I get it.

Well I’m here to stand as living testament that it is worth it. Money is not the end all be all. Money is nice, but what is nicer is living on your terms. The gift of the ability to decide what to do with your time is the best gift anyone could ever have, and I have it. So if you need to live broke for three years in order to reach your goals, do it. Below are some quick tips I will give you that you can apply RIGHT NOW to help you get to where I’m at.

Focus, Focus & Focus

I did not have this when I first started. I often focused on many different things at a time like running Grand Apps, trying to run an MLM and many other ideas. My advice is pick one business to focus on 100 percent and scale that. When you start making more money and freeing up time, then just maybe you can look at other areas of growth. But for the short time, focus on growing that one thing as big and fast as possible with laser focus.

Don’t Listen

When I say don’t listen, I am saying don’t listen to the negative people. To be honest, even your mom and dad will be negative. I remember my parents didn’t understand mobile apps or what I was doing and my dad offered me advice to join the Navy or get another job. You will also face many people close to you that will be negative as well. Friends will make fun of you or shoot down your ideas, but who cares. Don’t listen to them. Focus on your idea. Crush the business idea. Execute your success.

Just Hustle

Okay so now you are fully focused on crushing your goals and you are ignoring everything else. Your next step is to just hustle your face off. If it’s 6pm on a Friday and you’re at the bar with your friend, you are not working hard enough. I never went out during my startup phase, period. I would be working on whatever needed to be done at that moment. Hustle now, have fun later. If you are not willing to hustle this hard, you might not be cut from the entrepreneur cloth to be honest.

More To Come

Thank you for reading this article. This was a basic intro to myself & some quick tips how I started. I will be writing more deep content with how to’s and answering any questions you have. If you do have questions for me, just use the tag #AskChrisAke on Twitter and I will get to you.

Thank you for the support & look forward to helping you crush it in life.

Contributing Editor

Chris Ake

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5 tips for having a successful conversation

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One of the hardest and more challenging things in life is reaching out and making a successful connection with someone. In the age of smartphones and really short attention spans (thanks 6-second videos on vine) it seems much harder to talk to someone. People seem to be more preoccupied with social media and their phones…. but every once in a while you can get someone’s attention. So, how do you keep it?

1. Don’t be afraid to be funny 

There’s a time to work and there’s a time to have fun, yes every grade school teacher I ever had, I know. Though being funny is an awesome asset to have. Most people try too hard to be serious but people love the genuine feeling of laughing.

2. Don’t take yourself to serious 

There’s nothing wrong with having confidence in yourself, but remember you’re just a person like everyone else. Everyone is trying to make the most of their situation so just acknowledge it.

3. Don’t be afraid to say “Hi” 

” Sorry seems to be the hardest word” may have been true at one point Elton John, but saying Hi seems to be harder (it’s a bad joke I know, but here’s a music video.)

It’s a hard task to go up to someone and say hi, especially when you don’t know them. Just remember again we’re all human so what’s the worst thing that can happen? I mean I guess they could avoid you, but at least you tried.

4. Be Patient

It’s not a fun situation when you’re trying to get to know someone and they obviously have no patience for you.

Try not to be that guy.

In turn try and give someone the time of the day, you never know what a conversation can bring.

5. Be Transparent 

Being transparent doesn’t mean you need to tell your whole life story it just means being honest. Try not to just say what the other person wants to hear, be open and honest to create more conversation.

Just remember at the end of the day we are all human and everyone has something to bring the table. It may not be apparent as some other people, but you never know what a conversation can bring.

“Take Chances, Make Mistakes, get messy” — My Motto

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The best words of advice I feel like I’ve ever received was from a little show called The Magic School Bus. I know what you’re thinking what is a 24 year old doing writing about a cartoon show that’s not even on the air anymore. Well, It didn’t hit me until graduation that this makes so much sense now as an adult.

Some of my most valuable relationships, work and achievements have come from taking chances. The other side to taking chances is you are going to make mistakes and you’re definitely going to get messy. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.

How do I learn? I make mistakes. How do I get better? I makes mistakes and learn from them.

It also allowed me to understand people more. I have patience because I understand people make mistakes going through life. WE ALL DO IT.

Take the chance on yourself to be you. Be happy, be adventurous, be wild, but most of all be okay. Be okay knowing not everything you do is going to be right, not everything is going to work out in the end, but trying is the first step. Conquer your fears, live to your fullest potential with the people that mean everything to you.

So take chances, make mistakes, and get messy my friends


Why did it take so long to start a blog?

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The inception of being named Alexis. Alexis Ohanian pointing at a photo of Alexis Arguello being sent to me on twitter

The inception of being named Alexis.
Alexis Ohanian pointing at a photo of Alexis Arguello being sent to me on twitter

It’s a weird thing to be a recent college graduate. You’ve just spent so many years of your life majoring in a certain subject, but now it’s time for the real world. We’re formulated to go to school, get a job, have a family, and that’s what we know. It’s the same ol’ merry-go-round. However, we forget that we’re living in a time where you can create your own life with a keyboard, an idea, and some guts.

“The great thing about the Internet is, it’s the freest marketplace of ideas that there is.” – Alexis Ohanian

An idea can be as massive as Facebook or as simple as a blog, but a great idea can influence great movements, or bring people together. We are not limited, we are unlimited.

So why did it take so long to start a blog? I was missing the guts. We have unlimited potential to be who we want, but it’s frightening to be limitless. It’s scary to not know what’s next. You can settle and take the smoother course or become who you always wanted to be.