Why I’m glad I’m a “Millennial”

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Millennials are generally perceived as privileged, lazy, self absorbed and entitled….

It’s time to get this straight. 

It’s time to lay out on the table why millennials are the way we are. It’s because we’re tired of a world where people are working jobs they don’t like, ending up marrying people because “it’s the right thing to do.” We’re tired of people hating their lives because they’re afraid of their own dreams and aspirations.

We’re in a world now with the highest divorce rate (it’s estimated that 40-50% of first marriages will end in divorce.) Over 70% of people don’t like their current jobs, and more than 3.3 million americans suffer from persistent depression.

As a Millennial we can’t sit still. We are always learning and constantly evolving to keep up with trends in the workplace and life. Not all of us are lazy, of course some of us are, but that’s in any generation. We’re not looking for handouts.. we’re looking for a way to be happy with our lives.

You see life is different now. We are living in a time where ideas are thriving thanks to social media, the internet and hard work. Someone can create an empire from a single thought and this generation loves to help people achieve their ultimate goals. We want to see people happy, not settling.

Life is meant to be lived, maybe you should live it with us? 

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