Use the UnderArmour Connected Fitness universe to get where you want


The whole losing weight and staying fit thing is already hard enough. I’m guilty of buying fitness bands, videos, and literally anything that I think can help me lose weight. The past couple of months I’ve finally found a series of apps that really help me keep everything in check, as long as you actually use them.


  1. MyFitnessPal

My hardest obstacle with losing weight is keeping on a smart diet. The general rule of 75% diet, 25% exercise starts to make sense. I can’t eat crap all the time and expect to be fit (which sucks.) With the help of a curated diet plan and the MyFitnessPal app I can visually keep track of everything I’m consuming. It’s not just a calorie counter, it also give you nutritional information you need to know.

2. UA Record 


The UA Record app has a vast array of exercises and little details that make recording workouts on point. Keep up with other people on their fitness journey and challenge them. Creating a challenge with followers is easy and helps keep you on track.

3. MapMyRun, Edomondo and more

icon175x175 unnamed (1)

I’m going to be honest I hate running. The MapMyWorkout series has a couple of different variations including running, walking, and hiking.

Listen, if you’re not going to run you can also track how much you walk if you’re walking the dog. Every little bit helps when starting and sticking to your fitness journey. The MapMyRun app also has an upgraded version with coaching, and live tracking.

You can use these apps no matter what fitness level you’re at and start reaching your goals.

Stay hungry my friends 

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